Foil FW cover 2023

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Infos & Characteristics

Made to protect your front wing when out of the water, this cover is built with 3mm high density foam and features inside reinforcement patches to safeguard the more fragile and sharper parts of your front wing.

This design allows you to leave the whole plane fully assembled, and a mesh pocket lets you store your screws when disassembling.

SPAN 70 (70×25 cm) / 80 (80×18 cm)  / 90 (90×23 cm) / 95 (95X29 cm) / 115  (115X29 cm)


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70 (70×25 cm), 80 (80×18 cm), 90 (90×23 cm), 95 (95X29 cm), 115 (115X29 cm)  


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