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The WTF!?  Är den ledande C-kiten på marknaden ifrån F-ONE helt utan kompromisser utvecklad ihop med vårt  Freestyle team  Liam Whaley Set Teixeira & Maxime Chabloz

Winner of the The Kite Mag ultimate test 2019 Freestyle  Kites 

 it’s a no compromise freestyle machine designed for winners; it’s even in the name: Win The Freestyle!

Returning to a pure C-Shape design, was a very exciting process for us, we were able to listen to our top freestylers and work with them and our designer, Robert Graham, to create the ultimate kite. The goal was to build them the kite they wanted, not a toned down version for the masses but the perfect tool for our top riders to do their job.

The C-Shape itself has always been the best option for making an easy to control and dynamic kite. To maximise the handling during intense moments such as loading up for pop and slack, and megaloops, we utilised a five strut design which keeps the profile exceedingly steady and gives our riders great confidence in the kite at all times. We decided to add a 5th line to help with control, optimise the power and also to enable them to relaunch the kite quickly with minimal effort.

Freestyle kites undergo unique situations as the riders load and release, going from full power as they edge to no power as they fly through the air, that”slack” feeling is the Holy Grail of a good freestyle kite. The WTF!? hassuperior pop and excellent slack, while we have ensured the kite is strong enough to handle these intense demands, especially during high wind kite loops, we have also kept the weight of the kite down to ensure excellent handling.

OBS 11kvm WTF kite är demo körd 2 gånger nyskick där av det lägre priset.

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