1# F-ONE Swing 2020

Från 7799kr

F-ONE Swing har redan haft enorm succé på marknaden och är den mest balanserade lätta vinge du kan köra med. Hör du flugit en annan vinge  säger vi bara prova Swing för den är magiskt bra.

An incredible new way to fly and experience new feelings on the water, once you try it, you’ll be addicted.

  • 100% Depower and totally safe
  • High-end construction
  • Launch anywhere, even busy or gusty spots
  • Wide wind range
  •  Five sizes for different conditions
  • Easy to learn and very accessible

The all-new Swing from F-ONE, a light, compact and totally safe handheld kite you can launch anywhere. Using our extensive kite design techniques, we have created the Swing to be stable, fun to use, and most importantly, easy to learn.
There are no lines to get tangled, no danger of getting dragged, and there is genuinely 100% depower, get ready for a totally new way to enjoy the wind.


F- ONE Swing  pris inkl leash

För exakt färg av Swing inne i lager kontakta oss  på info@surfskolan.se


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