SWING V.2 incl leash

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The original feeling of the SWING has been greatly improved. Learn wingfoiling faster with the SWING V2. This brand new wing offers more lightness and comfort while being very accessible as well as performing for all riders!

Swing V2 är vingen för dig som vill ha en lätt direkt vinge för snabb inlärning Swing är mycket allround och passar både för nybörjare och erfarna Wingsurfare med sin lätta konstruktion är den ett klart val för dig som vill surfa vågor med en fri flygande vinge som hänger i fönstret utan några problem medan du surfar vågen down the line. 🙂

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  • The SWING has been known for its incredible lightness. The V2 comes back with an even lighter feel.
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Easy planing and upwind performances
  • Maximum comfort and accessibility


Ref. 77211-0801

Tried & tested F-ONE Swing v2. Conditions 18-30 knots. Board Rocket Wing 5’0 60ltr and Phantom Carbon 940 foil.
Comparing the Swing V2 to the V1 is like comparing night and day. The whole structure of the V2 feels a lot more solid. This is due to higher inflation pressure, new center strut, and the new panel layout on the trailing edge. The Swing V2 has taken a lot of benefits of the new Strike V1.
The biggest visible difference of the Swing compared to the Strike is the flatter profile. On the water riding the Swing, it sits a little deeper in the wind window compared to the Strike. Even though the upwind capability is good, it’s less than the Strike.
On the other the Swing feels more stable and predictable, especially when floating in neutral position. My guess is that the Swing V2 works really well in waveriding conditions – to be tested soon!!!
When it comes to jumping the Swing V2 is not as boosty as the Strike. It can get you up in the air, but for those who want serious height, the Strike is more the wing to go for.
Overall the Swing V2 is a nice allround wing, and a great upgrade from the V1.  
Marc F-ONE Team



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2`8, 3`5, 4`2, 5`0, 5`5


Slate/Mango, Papaya/Mango, Papaya/Slate, Abyss/Flame


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