STRIKE V.3 CWC incl leash

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Light, compact, and easy to use, the STRIKE CWC V3 is the quintessential light-wind weapon. Our patented 3-strut wing has proven to be the ideal concept for a successful large surface wing, and the STRIKE CWC has dominated light-wind wing foiling since its appearance on the market. Featuring a new and revolutionary design as well as F-ONE’s latest technologies and materials, this CWC V3 will let you show off your wing foiling skills in full confidence on any light wind day. 

• Patented compact design provides maximum power with impressive maneuverability. 

• Smaller wingspan brings efficient pumping and maintains the wingtips away from the surface of the water. 

• A small diameter center strut allows these large surfaces to keep a record weight. 

• Its perfect balance facilitates the creation of apparent wind, while increasing its high end capacities. 

• New HITEX and NANO for increased durability. 

Sizes (m2) 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0
Weight (kg) 2.82 3.13 3.40 TBC
Wind range (knts) 9 – 20 08 – 18 06 – 15 06 – 14


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6,0, 7,0, 8,0, 9,0




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