Seven Seas Carbon – Front Wing Only

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he SEVEN SEAS is the foil that will help you ease into the amazing downwind world and provide incredible glide sensations.

Recommend Fuselage for Seven Seas i XXX-short. give us a call or email for a custom setup.

  • Aspect Ratio: 7.5
  • Fantastic glide, upwind, and speed abilities
  • Makes downwind foiling accessible
  • Thin profile and optimized design for minimal drag

Available in 1000 cm²/1200 cm² / 1400 cm²

SEVEN SEAS 1000 1000 86.5 7.5 1.35
SEVEN SEAS 1200 1200 95 7.6 1.44
SEVEN SEAS 1400 1400 103.5 7.5 1.61



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1000, 1200, 1400


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