RYD – Hank Dude Alt

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Our Hank Dude model is our take on the modern-day mid-length. And no, you don’t need a moustache, Lycra leggings, or an unbuttoned shirt to surf in when jumping onto one of these beauties!

Designed to bridge the gap between shortboards and longboards, the mid-length gives you all the paddle power you need and a new appreciation for drawing classic lines on open faces. Available in three standard mid-length sizes, 6’10 (40.9 liters), 7’2 (43.2 liters) and 7’4 (44.6 liters) it’s really just a case of picking your mark and getting your groove on!

The board features the classic rounded pin tail, beautifully shaped rails and is nice and rigid thanks to the laminated epoxy core. The board comes with a plastic single fin, and you can set up with a pair of side bite fins too so you can ride as a 2 + 1. And don’t forget to get your back foot over the fin to get this baby turning!

Fin Box: Single fin with trailers (2+1), One Tab

Fins: Plastic Fin supplied

Construction: EPS Core, Carbon Fibre Stringer, Slick bottom

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Deep Blue, Aqua


6'10 – 40.9 liter, 7'2 – 43.2 liter


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