RYD – Everyday Soft Top incl. Leash & fenor

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When it’s time to transition from learning to catching your own waves or just goofing around on those average surf days, make the move to our Everyday range. With extra volume (thickness) and size options (4’10 to 9ft) this range will give surfers of all skill levels the opportunity to have a truckload of fun. Featuring an expanded polystyrene core with a double stringer for extra strength ““ with the 8ft and 9ft boards featuring 3 stringers.

You’ll also find a GoPro mount on the nose of this range so you can record the memories you make, push through plastic fins for added safety, an entry level leash and a strategically placed handle on the bottom deck to help the young ones”¦ or even the older ones make the trek to the water’s edge even easier.

Everything about this board is built so you can have the most fun you can.

” Double stringer (triple in the 8ft and 9ft boards)
” Neat lamination
” UV stable IXPE foam deck (5mm)
” 4mm HDPE slick bottom
” Handle on bottom of the board (Bevel HDPE edge)

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9'0, 8'0, 6'6, 6'0, 7'0


Aqua, Deep Blue, Coral


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