Rocket Wing ASC

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F-ONE has put all its experience in foil and wingsurf  designs to create the ideal board which will suit most of the wingfoil riders needs. With its compact length and light weight, the board is responsive and ideally suited to cruising or surfing on a foil, a wing in your hands.


5 available sizes 

5’0 152,5 x 58.5 cm  – 60liter – 6,4kg straps inserts X3
5’3 160 x 63.5 cm  – 75liter – 6,8kg Strap inserts X3
5’5 165x 68.5 cm  -90liter – 7,0kg Straps inserts X3
5’10 178 x 73.5 cm  – 110liter –  8,3kg
6’2 188 x 79 cm  – 130liter – 9,4kg




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5`0*60L, 5`3*75L, 5'5*90L, 5`10*110L, 6'2*130L


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