Mitu Pro Bamboo

Från 8199kr

Much more than an icon and a best-seller, the Mitu Pro Model is first and foremost Mitu’s board, and this means one thing: the board is always at the top of its game, year after year, just like the man himself.

  • Excellent in waves AND freestyle
  • Intuitive and playful in ALL conditions
  • Available FOR everyone! (3 construction standards x 5 sizes = 15 boards to choose from!)

Mitu is very meticulous and involved when it comes to his Pro Model. There are no shortcuts when he is testing. His approach is fueled by a lot of curiosity and an acute ability to analyse how the board works. Totally focused from day one, he invests all his experience into the tests. Offshore, side-off, onshore, Ponta Preta, Kite-Beach, surfing, jumping, the board has to fulfil the dreams of what Mitu needs, it rips in all conditions.

Size Dimensions Volume Weight* Delivered with Optional
5’2 157 x 45 cm 5’2 x 17.7″ 20.2 l 3.25 Tail pad Front pad
5’4 162 x 46 cm 5’4 x 18.1″ 21.8 l 3.57 Tail pad Front pad
5’6 167 x 46.5 cm 5’6 x 18’3” 22.8 l 3.59 Tail pad Front pad
5’8 172 x 47 cm 5’8 x 18.5″ 23.9 l 3.72 Tail pad Front pad
5’10 177 x 48.5 cm 5’10 x 19.1″ 25.4 l 3.91 Tail pad Front pad

Vi vill hjälpa dig att börjar Våg-kitsurfa i sommar!
Så vi bjuder på 500kr vid köp av Vågkite bräda plus en coaching session praktiskt eller teoretiskt med oss för att komma igång smidigt med kite och bräda.
Ange rabattkod : vågkite2020 i kassan. 🙂 gäller till 30 juni 2020

(minsta värde av bräda 8000kr, går även att utnyttja om du redan kan köra vågbräda men vill köpa ny bräda plus att få lite hjälp att utvecklas vidare i vågorna.)

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