ECLIPSE Harness 2.0

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Infos & Characteristics

Having worked on ergonomic designs for a while, our goal was to push our frame concept to more stiffness, allowing a better support of the back & a lower fit. But something 100% hard was not an option: Our back needs some adaptability & human morphology is unique.

So here comes the ECLIPSE, a skilful balance between stiffness & flex that brings support where you need it and the freedom to move the way you want. ECLIPSE,
the touch of a shadow, the support of a shell. 

Adaptive shell

The Adaptive Shell stiffness shades from hard in the center area to softer on the edgesThe stiff center-belt prevents the harness from folding and compressing your body while preserving a good lumbar support. The softer outline preserves intuitive mobility and adaptability.

It results in a shell that is forgiving where you need flex and stiff where you want support.

Gel foam

The gel foam disperses pressure evenly & efficiently to provide a “pillow comfort”, much appreciated during long sessions

It creates a different sense of feeling while riding as it moves along with your movements, therefore the contact with the harness is more intuitive & it prevents any rash or rubbing discomfort.

Available in sizes: XS / S / M / M+ / L / XL / XXL


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Additional information


XS, S, M, M+, L, XL, XXL, S+


Largo, Black


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