Anchorman Wing Leash Cloud 9

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Nobody wants to lose a wing, or worse, to put yourself and others at risk of injury. The innovative Anchorman system provides both enhanced safety and security against the loss of your wing. Anchorman automatically deploys the US Patent-pending sea anchor when you release the safety handle.

Tested in extreme conditions, the sea anchor reliably prevents your wing from tumbling away even in the strongest winds. Confident that your wing will stay put, you are free to release earlier, thus avoiding potentially dangerous situations before they occur..

This new found freedom to ditch your wing also provides the confidence to explore new and exciting foilsurfing and downwinding possibilities. Imagine using your wing as a foil-assist to get you up on foil then passing off the wing between multiple riders in a line-up so you can take turns picking off swells.

This is what we like to call “passing the baton” in which foilsurfing and downwinders are a relay event between riders.

As avid foilers, we have designed and tested our premium Anchorman system to provide the ultimate wingfoil experience. We hope that you will enjoy and share your experiences with us.




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